Surf camps are everywhere. One step away from the best surf spots in the world, with idyllic views to top class wave peaks, surf camps are the ultimate travel destiny for beginners, intermediate and pro surfers.

Surfing is a very popular adventure sport. It needs lots of practice and patience to perfect the art of surfing. There are two types of surfing: short boarding and long boarding. Short boarding is considered to be more difficult, as it needs more effort to maneuver the surfboard.

Surfing originated some three to four thousand years back in Western Polynesia, and has evolved a lot since then. It was first brought to California by George Freeth. Surfing is a year-round sport and not just a summer activity. If you are one of those who has adrenaline rushing at the thought of riding the waves, then you are at the right place. Here, we have complied a list of the Top surfing spots in the world. Grab your surfing board, pack your wet-suit, and get ready to hit the shores.

Best Surfing Spots in the World:

Best Surf Camps in the World

Best Surf Camps in the World

Tavarua, Fiji

When it comes to catered luxury, idyllic tropical setting, and downright epic waves, Tavarua Island in Fiji is the camp against which all others are measured. Although no longer boasting wave exclusivity, Tavarua still has beachfront access to the machine-like perfection of Restaurants and is located a short boat ride from Cloudbreak—two of the world’s best lefthand surfing spots. Complete with comfy bungalows, five-star food and drinks, bar-side hot tubs and even massage services, this is the gold standard of surf camps—as the sky-high nightly rates and multi-year waiting list for bookings indicates.

Baleal Surf Camp– Peniche, Portugal

If it not already there, it about time to get Portugal on your surfing radar! Considered to have Europe’s most consistent and flexible surf year-round, Baleal Surf Camp is nestled among the dunes and overlooks one of the most dramatic and beautiful surf spots on the continent. For 20 years it has been a destination for surfers and beach lovers from across the globe, winning international attention after it became an established stop on the ASP World Tour. Whether you are a novice or an expert, there really are waves here to suit every skill level. Established as a family-run business back in 1993, Baleal’s secret to success has been providing first class accommodation and surf tuition whilst creating an environment of good food, music, and most importantly, great company. After you’ve spent a long day in the water, you can retreat to the surf camp’s own bar and cafe, a place famed locally for chilled days, followed by long nights of live music and dancing.

Oahu’s North Shore

While the north shore doesn’t boast the longest, emptiest or most perfect waves on the planet, it does have the most challenging surf, making this the ultimate proving ground. Anyone looking to make a name for themselves in heavy water invariably makes the annual pilgrimage to the Seven Mile Miracle each November, taking on the consistent long-period swells at Sunset Beach, Pipeline and Waimea Bay.

Noosa Heads, Australia

Although the town of Noosa Heads is a veritable tourist trap, the adjacent national park maintains the serenity of decades past—and also happens to house five red-hot point breaks. From the soft peelers of First Point and Little Cove to the freight training double-ups of Nationals and Tea Trees, Noosa is arguably the best place in the world to be a natural-footed longboarder, but can also be quite fun on any type of trim-influenced board, including single fins, fish, hulls, SUPs, and even finless boards.

Itacaré, Brazil

The water of the Atlantic is deliciously warm here in Itacaré, mirroring the weather and the people who reside at this sleepy coastal town. Surfers from the world over are of the opinion that the waves here are consistent, strong, and forceful enough to make for a fantastic surfing experience.

Hossegor, France

There’s nothing to complain about when you’re in the south of France. Come to Soorts-Hossegor, a seaside resort that consistently ranks among the best surfing spots in the world.

Maldives Surfing

Maldives Surfing

Santa Cruz, California

The azure waters of the Pacific ocean line the Californian coast, reason enough for all surfing aficionados to flock here. Santa Cruz is home to the Richard Schmidt Surf School, which is perfect for beginners and amateurs.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Besides regular surfing, you’ll find a lot of people indulging in kitesurfing and windsurfing, here in Cabarete. It just goes to prove how serious the folks are about their surfing.


Since Tony Hussein Hinde established the Maldives’ first surf camp over 30 years ago, the Maldives have established a solid reputation as one of the world’s most luxurious surf destinations. With a number of high-end land camps fronting white sand beaches and perfect reef/point setups, the Maldives are as good for sunbathing as they are for surfing, making this a great place to bring your significant other.