Water sports are adventurous, fun-filled, action packed, and exciting. Both, physical exertion and mental stimulation can be attained in water sports.

Water Sporting is one of the most adventurous activities. Most people prefer this over other activities and it is really interesting to engage in water-sporting indulge in water sports with your family and friends. Water sports are not only fun but also helps you stay fit and healthy. You just need to have the enthusiasm to plunge into those waters. Here is a list of the top most water sports that are thrilling and exciting.

One thing we have plenty of is crystal-blue water. And, yes, it feels just as amazing as it looks. Averaging 80°F year-round, it’s perfect for any type of water sport. Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, kiteboarding, snorkeling, parasailing or even swimming excursions with wild dolphins, you’ll find it in The Bahamas.

Water Sports

Water Sports

Most popular water sports


In simple words snorkeling is a new style of swimming. In it you need to swim on or through water body wearing a diving mask, a snorkel which is a 30 cm long tube and swim fins. In cold places a wet suit may also be worn. In tropical climates snorkeling is a very popular recreational activity. The mission of this sport is to let the “snorkeler” explore the magnificent underwater marine life without heavy equipment. Snorkeling can be practiced by people of all age groups because it requires little effort.


Triathlon is a type of race that popularly involves swimming, cycling, and running various distances in immediate succession. It is a highly popular sport and was recently included in the Olympics. The Ironman series and World Cup Championships are organized every year. It is a test of your physical fitness, and stamina.

Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing, also known as kite boarding is a very adventurous water sport which is a combination of wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, gymnastics and paragliding. In it wind power propels a rider across the water on the kite board, a small surfboard. There are numerous styles of Kite boarding such as free ride, course racing, freestyle, wake style and wave-riding. A kite surfer employs a board with/without foot-straps and the rider is propelled by a large controllable kite.


Rowing is a sport in which athletes compete in boats on rivers, lakes, or the ocean, depending on the type of race. The force of the athletes on the oar blades of the boat while rowing, work against the water forces to propel the boat forward. It is played for both competitive and recreational purposes, and is one of the oldest sports to be included in the Olympics.

Kite Surfing water sports

Kite Surfing water sports


This water sport, where a small boat called a kayak is used to move across water, can be done in white water rivers, seas, or lakes, for different purposes, such as recreation, expedition, touring, adventure, or competitive purposes. Kayaking through rapids and whitewater is dangerous and needs years of practice to master. Kayaking is a part of the Olympics, and is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities.


If you love speed and racing, then this is a sport for you. However, you need to be cautious as racing of boats needs you to be extra aware of your surroundings. These powerboats reach speeds high enough to get your adrenaline pumping and enjoy the thrills of a race. Powerboating is a fun and enjoyable ride.

Water polo

In this there’s two teams involved playing the sport where players need to swim and defend a ball and try to score on opponents’ goal. It is really an old Olympic event. This is intense water sport that is competitive, involve strategies and techniques.