Scrub your goggles with a soft cleaning pad. A soft pad that you use for washing porcelain or your delicate China will also be ideal for use on your goggle.

Swimming goggles are one of the most important accessories of a swimmer. They’re prone to get dirty or murky because of the chlorine or any other elements contained in water.

Competitive swimmers who spend a good deal of time in the pool or in the shore depend on their goggles for eye protection and clear race-time vision. Unfortunately goggles, punished with the elements and time, quickly lose their functionality. Several preventative tricks along with a post-swim routine will keep them clean and on your side instead of against you.

How To Keep Clean Swimming Goggles

How To Keep Clean Swimming Goggles

However, prolonged connection with chlorine or salt water for example, can damage your goggles over a period of time. The goggles will get cloudy on the lenses and chlorine or salt water could cause a lot of grime to accumulate inside the eye cups. This requires one to clean the goggles every now and then, to help keep its perfect visibility and sturdiness.

Preventive Methods to Keep Your Swimming Goggles Clean

The main reason why goggles get dirty quickly is that they do not fit the swimmer properly, meaning the attention cups are frequently immersed in water, that creates this problem. Therefore, it is important you make sure that the goggles fit you tightly which is restricted to limited exposure to water.

Always clean your swimming goggles, by rising them in cold water post your swim routine. This could prevent the accumulation of dirt round the goggles. Make sure that the tap water is obvious and not highly chlorinated.

When it comes to cleaning your goggles at home, avoid using soap or detergent with strong chemicals as they can affect the goggle’s lenses and make it appear cloudy. Take advantage of a mild liquid soap or baby shampoo to clean your swimming goggles. Soak the goggles in this particular soapy mixture for an hour or so.

Swimming Goggles

Swimming Goggles

Now, rinse the goggles under tap water. Again rinse thoroughly before getting rid of all the traces of soap or lather. Ensure you clean everything, the debris within the crevices of the goggle strap as well as the eye cups. If you are able property of the goggle straps, it just makes the whole process easier.

Ensure you do not rub them with your fingers, this may leave behind debris and oil out of your skin to the lenses making them foggy and cloudy. It can possibly damage the lenses and you also would have to go in for a new one then. Never scrub your swimming goggles using a scrubber or loofah for that matter, as they might develop scratches round the lenses.

You can also use a dollop of mild toothpaste or even a mixture of vinegar and lime juice to clean your goggles. If you allow the goggles to soak inside the mixture of vinegar and lime juice; vinegar absorbs the dirt and grime and lime juice makes up about disposing away with the odor of the swimming pool. Hence, clean the goggles completely and effectively.

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