Summertime will be here soon and with it are backyard parties, beach outings and picnics in the park amd take the party outside and cool off with water games.

Water Games

Water Games

Summertime will be here soon and with it are backyard parties, beach outings and picnics in the park. Make these events more memorable using these fun outdoor games geared more towards adults! Wet or dry, these games are certain to add life to your party. Backyard games incorporating water provide entertainment and exercise on a hot day with no necessity of a pool. The materials required for many water games are items you probably curently have around the home, making these games affordable and quick to setup when warm-weather boredom strikes and the kids have to cool off.

Planning a variety of water games to experience on a hot, summer day will not only cool down your guests, but additionally prevent boredom. Awarding small prizes to the winners of each outdoor water game will keep guests looking forward to playing more games.

Sponge Relay Race

You’ll need two teams, two large sponges, and 4 buckets. Each team has one bucket filled with water, one empty bucket and something sponge. Place buckets 50-100 feet across from each other and teams relay, soaking their sponge with water and wringing it into the empty bucket. Team most abundant in water in their previously empty bucket wins!

Floating Targets

A large tub or kiddie pool of water supports the targets for this outdoor water game. Set Frisbees on the water surface using the bottom facing up. The Frisbees function as the targets. The players toss sponges, small balls or other lightweight items toward the floating targets. Landing the product on a Frisbee earns the player a point. To add a challenge, possess the kids take a step away from the pool after each round.

Beach Towel Toss

Divide into groups of two, each person holding a towel in the corners. Standing six feet apart, each team must use the towel to toss a balloon back and forth with another team. After a successful toss, possess the teams move farther apart. Continue playing before the balloon breaks.

Wet T-Shirt Relay

The kids are split into 2 teams to race against each other. A bucket of wet t-shirts is positioned at the front of each line, and another bucket is positioned a short distance away. The first person in each line must put on a wet t-shirt, go to the empty bucket, take away the t-shirt, and run back to their line to tag the next one.

Water Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses keep the kids moving for any solid dose of exercise. Incorporate the water aspect right into a backyard obstacle course for a cooling activity. Set up a series of different activities or obstacles that the kids run through to complete the course. A sprinkler is a simple way to incorporate water. Set up the sprinkler across the course and have the kids jump over it as they run. Use a kiddie pool being an obstacle to wade through. Other ideas to include on the course are pool noodle hurdles, popping water balloons and transporting water in one bucket to another.

Water Limbo

Instead of the traditional limbo bar, use wartrol of water from a hose with this game. Use a concentrated stream of water as opposed to a shower-type setting that shoots the water in a number of different directions. Hold the hose therefore the stream of water sprays in the desired height. The players alternate doing the limbo underneath the water stream. Lower the water spray each round until just one person is left.

Jumping Jack Splash

Two people turn an increase rope while someone jumps in the middle holding two full plastic cups of water. The jumper attempts to keep from spilling the water for just one full minute. Anything left within the cups at the end of the time can be splashed on the rope holders.


This can be a fun game that originally originated from a game show in the Philippines called “Wowowee” and doesn’t require any kind of props. You just need someone who’s fun and energetic to experience as moderator and a group of 10 or even more people to participate. Having a wireless mic could be helpful but not required.

Outdoor Water Games For Adults

Outdoor Water Games For Adults

Water Balloon Transfer

This relay race necessitates the players to transport water balloons from one end of the field towards the other. Each team needs a tub of filled water balloons. The teams must have the same number of balloons. At the opposite end of the field, each team needs a clear tub. One at a time, the players get a water balloon, run down the field and put it in the empty bucket. To help make the game more challenging, specify how the balloon is transported. For example, you might specify that they carry the balloon on their heads or forbid the players to touch the balloons with their hands. The very first team to transport all of their balloons wins.

Bullseye Splash

Use sidewalk chalk to attract a large bullseye on the driveway with surrounding rings. Assign suggests the various rings, the highest points in the centre of the bullseye. Players toss a wet sponge or water balloon attempting to hit the bullseye. Player most abundant in points wins.