Kids love anything to do with water, be it splashing around in it or dousing someone from head to toe with it - it's a fun experience for youngsters.

Summer is here and that means more hot days and more cool ways to entertain the children. Some popular water sports include swimming, in both pool or in open water like oceans, Surfing. That you can do water aerobics, play marco polo, Scuba Diving or other games, do water gymnastics and play other fun water sports games.

There are many kinds of water sports to choose from. There are the basic ones and you will find the ones that can be considered as extreme sports. The following is the list of water sports divided by category:

6 Awesome Water Sports to Play Outside with Kids

6 Awesome Water Sports to Play Outside with Kids

One of the aquatic sports listed above, only some seem to be safe and easy to learn, thus considered as kids water sports.


Swimming is among the most basic water activity that children can learn. If they know how to swim, all the other water sports is going to be easier for them to learn. If your kids are not interested in extreme water sports, or maybe they are too young for those, you are able to enrol them first to some swimming lesson. Kids as young as 6 weeks old can attend swimming classes using the supervision of their parents and specialist teachers. There are also classes for both parents and their kids.


Most surfing schools teach surfing to kids age 6 and above; but there are also some that teach kids starting 4 years old. Beginner’s classes occur in waist-deep water. If you want your kids to simply stay in shallow water, boogie boarding and the body surfing are good alternatives to surfing. Probably the most popular places to go surfing along with other water board activities are Western Australia (Margaret River) and Sydney.

Water Polo

Water polo has become immensely popular among kids. It incorporates the benefits of swimming and a ball sport right into a single game. Kids of 8 many above can play this sport. It calls for 7 players who have to transmit the ball across the line in to the goal post of the other team to create a score. It requires children to become physically fit. They should be able to stand long stretches in water. Kids aged 5-9 can play spashball. It is for beginners, safe and filled with fun. It aims at developing the skills and understanding to play water polo later on.


Most kids dream of becoming a sailor, mostly because they love watching The Popeye Show. In case your kids are not 100% at ease within the water they may like to be sailing on the boat. Still, it is better to allow them to first start learning how to swim for safety reasons and also to help them be comfortable in this environment. Rent a ship and take them to an educational trip about different bodies of water, marine life, the weather, and boat safety. Sailing clubs accept kids starting 8 years of age.

Kids Scuba Diving

Kids Scuba Diving


For older and more adventurous kids, kayaking is definitely an ideal water sport. They can enjoy this sport not just on the ocean, but also on rivers and lakes. It’s safer if they practise in calm waters first before going into the currents.

Scuba Diving

Agencies like Scuba Schools International (SSI) and professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) offer diving courses to kids 5 years old and above. These supervised programs gives certification once they finish the course and are available in local resorts and water parks that provide scuba diving.